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Susan Wahlberg
Spiritual Medium

Blessings to you and yours!  I am a natural born medium and I have been giving readings since I was a teenager.  In 2001, after more than two decades in the corporate world, I decided to pursue a spiritual path and began to work full time as a medium and spiritual advisor.  

As a medium, I work with the spirits around you to gain information about your situation.  As spiritual advisor neither I nor spirit will judge you or tell you what to do.  No matter what preconceived notions you
might have about destiny, we are not victims to destiny.  We have free will and must make our own decisions.  I am here to get information to help you make informed decisions to help you on the road to finding your peace, happiness and fulfillment.  I can also assure you that you are never really alone.  Spirit is always with you. 

I will sometimes receive indications from spirit that won’t make sense to me.  I will give those indications anyway as they may make sense to you.  In that way you are an active participant in your session by helping me fit the pieces of what spirit shows and tells me into place. 

When working with spirit there can be no: “whatever you see”.  Spirit will go its’ own way and it might not be the direction you wanted or even anticipated.  Giving me guidance on direction and confirmation helps me interpret what spirit is showing and telling me.  Spirit also does not tick time the way you and I do.  Often they speak of things that are about to happen as if they have already happened.  To them a day is a week is a month is a year.  It’s all happening at once. 

I am unable to guarantee a specific loved one who passed over will come to speak with us.  But I can guarantee communication with spirit who has your higher good in its agenda.  Because of this, psychic spying is not something I can help you with, but I can tell you what is in someone’s heart and intentions.  It is on occasion that spirit will offer information and allow predictions for someone else’s life who has no substantive role in your life or situation.

I would describe my approach to readings as pragmatic and my style of spirituality as very ‘grass roots.’  Whatever works for you as an individual – it’s all good!  In a reading I will be honest in what spirit is showing me.  Telling you what I think you want to hear does you no good in moving you into a happier and more fulfilled energy.  
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How to purchase a Live Chat Spiritual Mediumship Reading from Susan.....

There are two time options available. 30 minutes ($75.00) and 1 hour ($120.00). Choose your time option and then click "buy now". You will be brought to a secure paypal payment page.

After payment has been received, I will contact you, within 24 hours with a schedule that you can choose a time so that we can set our appointment. And some options on which chat platform you would like to use for your reading.

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