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Rune of the Day: Kano Reversed

by Susan Wahlberg on 02/17/12

As stated in a previous blog, Kano (in this case merkstave) is also referred to as Kenaz, Kauno, Kaunez and Kaunan, depending on the region. The western world most commonly uses Kano and Kenaz. I will use Kano for the purposes of this blog.

In a spread or single rune pull, Kano merkstave indicates that some aspect of a situation is closing out or 'dying'. Whether it be relationship, business or some other situation, it means that the past/present energy is coming to a conclusion. But, it can also mean that troubles to a situation are coming to an end. One must be careful to determine which for accuracy. A clarification rune should be pulled if there is any confusion.

As negative as it might first appear, Kano merkstave also offers hope in that it points to the ending of a situation or way of life that has been invalidated by growth. It stands as an indication that the energy has grown beyond its present circumstances and the clearing out process has begun.

I have to admit I was rather glad to see Kano merkstave this morning as I have been dealing with some personal issues.  I would be very pleased to see that energy make its way out of my own energy. 

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